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Mindy Middleton, LMSW

Specializing in depression, anxiety, body image, substance abuse, relationship and sexual concerns, LGBTQ issues, mindfulness, and childhood trauma.


Mindy Middleton, LCSW


Choosing to engage in a therapeutic relationship will help to enhance understanding of self, others and the environment. I believe that everyone possesses the ability and inner wisdom to create a fulfilling and peaceful life. Sometimes people need a safe place and a non-judgmental guide to help them understand their thoughts and feelings so they can heal and move forward towards the relationships and life they desire. My role as a therapist is to ask questions, share new perspectives, and help clients discover the hidden answers within. I work best with clients that are collaborative and engaged in the process of understanding and healing.

Clinical Approach

My approach is holistic by giving attention to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit equally. I lean towards using a strength-based, eclectic and intuitive approach while also integrating numerous other theories and interventions. I prefer to use a variety of strategies while working with clients that results in an individualistic approach. Mindfulness is an effective tool and something that I offer with all of my clients. The basis for much of my work stems from humanistic, attachment, feminist, and psychodynamic theories as well as cognitive behavioral theories.


Mindy earned her Masters of Social Work from the University of Southern California and has worked within the helping profession for over 20 years. She brings years of experience working with diverse groups of people into the therapeutic space which results in a deep respect for personal experience and how that influences patterns of thought and perspectives.

Clinical Focus:

  • Depression, anxiety
  • Body image
  • Substance use and addiction
  • Relationship and sexual issues
  • LGBTQ issues 
  • Mindfulness
  • Childhood trauma