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As Therapists, We Need A Safe Space Too

As therapists, it can be difficult to get help ourselves. We may fear judgment or shame. We may know or even work with many of the excellent providers in our field, thus disqualifying us as potential clients. At the same time, we are caregivers and often need extra support to help us carry the weight of all the emotional labor we do on behalf of our clients, colleagues, employees, supervisees, friends, and families.

Furthermore, therapists are at risk of specific caregiving related challenges such as burnout and vicarious trauma. We need a space to help us process the stories and emotions we hear about from our clients and understand our own reactions and feelings. For these reasons, our own self-care is not only personally important, but professionally and ethically imperative. We also can be better therapists when we can truly understand and experience what it is like to be in the role of the client.

At WholeHeart, we walk the talk by doing our own on-going healing and personal growth work, and also by providing therapy to other therapists. Many of our providers have a special love for working with therapists and are able to combine clinical wisdom with a deep sense of the lived experience of being a therapist. Reach out to us today to connect with your next therapist for the therapist.

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