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What Is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy offers a one-to-one space for clients to explore and work on many different areas of life. Seeking the guidance of a skilled therapist provides a unique process to explore and unpack the issues affecting your life, be it the weight of depression or the relentless grip of anxiety. Other topics people bring to individual therapy include struggles in important relationships; patterns that get in the way of achieving goals in life; parenting challenges; managing stress; career dissatisfaction; managing mental or physical health challenges; grief and loss; resolving childhood trauma; and major life transitions such as birth, marriage, or a significant move or job change. 

Individual Therapy services at WholeHeart Psychotherapy

Regardless of the goal, individual therapy offers the potential to get and stay more connected with yourself and to learn new ways of thinking and behaving. There are many different modalities for individual therapy so it is important to select a therapist whose experience and clinical interests match your goals. In addition to training and skills, it is just as important to feel a connection with your therapist. This means you feel seen, heard, and understood when you work together, which helps build trust in the therapeutic relationship. Effective individual therapy helps you stay accountable to yourself and your goals in life. 

Initiating the healing process through individual therapy is a profound and empowering choice, offering a transformative path towards emotional well-being. Our therapy providers at WholeHeart Psychotherapy bring a wealth of experience to this process, offering not only a listening ear but also a toolkit of therapeutic techniques to navigate the complexities of mental health challenges. The benefits extend beyond mere conversation; therapy provides a structured and supportive environment to identify patterns, gain insight, and develop coping strategies. Through compassionate understanding and expert guidance, therapy can facilitate a healing journey, helping individuals reclaim control over their lives and foster a sense of resilience and empowerment in the face of adversity. Take the proactive step towards healing, and let our dedicated therapy providers at WholeHeart Psychotherapy be your partners on the path to a healthier, more balanced life.

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CEU Workshops

Workshops are longer sessions designed to help deliver a large amount of content in a short period of time. Oftentimes, workshops can last hours to days and are provided in a group format to deliver an intervention in a detailed and often experiential way.

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★★★★★Bryn Chafin
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Whole Heart Psychotherapy is an incredible practice of knowledgeable, compassionate, and ethical clinicians. As a therapist myself, it is important to establish relationships with other groups for networking, consultation, and collaborative purposes. I truly appreciate that I can trust the clinicians of Whole Heart to provide effective treatment to clients that I refer to their services. I also am grateful for the professional consultation and collaboration that is provided when working with shared cases or when seeking feedback. Whole Heart and its staff are always on my list of providers for outside referrals.
★★★★★Cameron McIntosh
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As a therapist, I feel very fortunate to have WholeHeart Psychotherapy as a resource. I have never once hesitated to refer to the practice, and have heard nothing but positive feedback from those I have referred. I have personally participated in professional consultation and DBT groups at Wholeheart over the the years, and can't speak highly enough of the experience.
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Whole heart provides caring and helpful therapeutic support to their clients. As a therapist, I frequently refer clients to their practice as well as participate in supervision groups offered by their experienced supervisors.
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i've loved my experience with my therapist at WH!
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absolutely in love with whole heart. i've seen two therapists here and both have been the best. they're all so understanding, communicative, and helpful.
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