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What is Your Relationship With Food?

Eating Disorder therapy and counseling with WholeHeart Psychotherapy in Atlanta, GA

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Your relationship to food is a sacred and life giving connection. We learn messages about food and self-nurturance over our entire lives through our families, culture, friendships, peer groups, etc. At any point in time, our relationship to food and body can shift- a period of intense stress or extreme changes in life circumstances or a new developmental time of life- can set unhealthy patterns into motion. Puberty, marriage, childbirth, divorce, menopause, trauma, accidents, loss of a loved one, etc all can come with unique challenges which can disrupt our relationship with our food and body.

Starting to explore your relationship to food and body can be a very personal journey.  We can help by assessing your relationship with food and body through a lens of beliefs, feelings, and behaviors.  We can create a unique plan that helps you change behaviors with food while taking care of and understanding your emotional needs more directly at the same time.    

Treatment for eating disorders will be specifically tailored to your needs through an initial assessment followed by a treatment planning session. Psychotherapy or talk therapy is used as a primary mode of treatment for eating disorders. In addition, nutritional counseling, psychiatry, family/ couples counseling and/or group therapy are often needed as well, depending on the level and intensity of the eating disorder. The length of treatment depends on the individuals ability to make behavioral changes with their relationship with food.

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Alternative Option To A Treatment Facility

Family Based Therapy


Do you suspect your child has an eating disorder (ED)? Has your child received a recent ED diagnosis and you’re feeling overwhelmed or scared about which treatment modality is most effective? Family Based Treatment (FBT) is an evidence based treatment model that is highly effective. This treatment model may be an alternative option to your child receiving care at a treatment facility, and allows for parents to carry out interventions within the home, with the support of the FBT specialist.

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CEU Workshops

Workshops are longer sessions designed to help deliver a large amount of content in a short period of time. Oftentimes, workshops can last hours to days and are provided in a group format to deliver an intervention in a detailed and often experiential way.

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★★★★★Bryn Chafin
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Whole Heart Psychotherapy is an incredible practice of knowledgeable, compassionate, and ethical clinicians. As a therapist myself, it is important to establish relationships with other groups for networking, consultation, and collaborative purposes. I truly appreciate that I can trust the clinicians of Whole Heart to provide effective treatment to clients that I refer to their services. I also am grateful for the professional consultation and collaboration that is provided when working with shared cases or when seeking feedback. Whole Heart and its staff are always on my list of providers for outside referrals.
★★★★★Cameron McIntosh
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As a therapist, I feel very fortunate to have WholeHeart Psychotherapy as a resource. I have never once hesitated to refer to the practice, and have heard nothing but positive feedback from those I have referred. I have personally participated in professional consultation and DBT groups at Wholeheart over the the years, and can't speak highly enough of the experience.
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Whole heart provides caring and helpful therapeutic support to their clients. As a therapist, I frequently refer clients to their practice as well as participate in supervision groups offered by their experienced supervisors.
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i've loved my experience with my therapist at WH!
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absolutely in love with whole heart. i've seen two therapists here and both have been the best. they're all so understanding, communicative, and helpful.
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