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A Passionate Group Of Professional Therapist Ready To Help With The Healing Process

Professional Therapy Providers

Clinical Co-Director

Specializing in eating disorders, DBT, RO DBT for perfectionism and overcontrol, mindfulness therapy and clinical supervision.

Clinical Co-Director

Specializing in individual, couple and relationship therapy, sex therapy, and clinical supervision.


Specializing in anxiety, depression, stress management, developing healthier relationships, healing trauma, and career readiness.

Master’s Level Intern


Specializing in EFT for individuals, couples, families, and young adults.

Specializing in eating disorders, anxiety, depression, family based treatment FBT, DBT, RO DBT and women’s health. 


Specializing in DBT and RO DBT for adolescents and young adults.

Specializing in DBT, substance abuse, mental health, and trauma for individuals and groups.

Specializing in eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, DBT, RO DBT, and CBT for adolescents and young adults. 

Specializing in individual, couples, and sex therapy.

Specializing in nutrition therapy for adolescents and adults.

Specializing in individual and couples relationships and sex therapy.

Specializing in couples, sexuality and intimacy issues, infidelity, reconciliation, maternal issues, birth trauma, and life transitions.

Specializing in trauma, eating disorders, mindfulness, Brainspotting, and self compassion for adolescents and adults.

Specializing in intimate and family relationships, anxiety and mood disorders, self-development, and major life transitions.

Specializing in depression, anxiety, relationships, body image, and personal development.


Specializing in grief, loss, and trauma counseling for adolescents and adults. Additional focus on spirituality, body image, and DBT therapy.

Specializing in working with couples on conflict resolution, communication, sexual trauma and dysfunction, and other intimacy issues. She is certified as a Sex Therapist by AASECT.

Specializing in relational, couple, and sex therapy with a focus on intimacy, affair recovery, sexual health, and wellness.

Specializing in couples and individuals with sexual function issues/pain, desire discrepancies, sexual trauma, and feelings of self-doubt. Affirming of LGBTQIA+, non-monogamy, and kink.

Specializing in body image/acceptance, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, identity exploration, RO DBT, and trauma.

Specializing in intersectional identity concerns, interpersonal and relationship concerns, neurodivergent-affirming counseling, and eating disorders in marginalized populations.

Specializing in treating clients with sexual and performance issues, grief, narcissism, LGBT+, and social justice concerns.

Specializing in substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, depression, anxiety, military veterans, adults, and adolescents.

Specializing in life transitions, personal development, addiction recovery, and parent/child relationships for adolescents and adults.

Specializing in addiction, long term recovery, grief and maternal issues.

Specializing in eating disorders, body acceptance, anxiety, and women’s issues for adults in a virtual setting.


Specializing in interpersonal and intrapersonal relational systems with an emphasis on identity, intimacy, sexuality, and holistic wellness.

Specializing in eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, Family Based Treatment (FBT), ARFID, and OCD.

Office Staff

Staff at WholeHeart Psychotherapy

Emilie Schelling

Office Manager

Emilie was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Go Blue). She and her husband moved to Georgia in 2014 with their 4 children for a change. She has worked in Office Administration for 20 years with 6 of those in the mental health field and feels such joy being able to help clients begin their journey to healing.

Staff at WholeHeart Psychotherapy

Outreach & Business Development Director

Renée has a B.S.B.A. in Marketing/Business + a Juris Doctorate (both from the University of Florida). She has experience as an attorney in the private and nonprofit sectors as well as marketing, sales, social media, and photography; but considers raising her five wonderful and diverse children to be her greatest achievement!

Staff at WholeHeart Psychotherapy

CD, CPD, Website Manager

Kayla manages the WholeHeart website remotely from Savannah, Georgia.

When she isn’t working, or at the beach with her husband and kids, she works with refugees in the Middle East and in her local community.

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